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March 26, 2018Privacy

That One Privacy Site | Welcome

Thanks for visiting That One Privacy Site.  The site is meant to be a resource for those who value their privacy, specifically for those looking to escape from the abundance of biased, bought-and-paid-for shillery on the subject. If...

March 7, 2018Science & Tech

To Help Children Sleep, Go Dark

“We were trying to simulate what would go on at home when you put a child to bed,” said Dr. Monique LeBourgeois, an associate professor of integrative physiology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and the director of the sleep and...

March 6, 2018Society

Serions-nous tous en train de devenir fous ?

C’est en tout cas ce que prétend le philosophe Bernard Stiegler. Il parle même de démoralisation planétaire. Et selon lui, c’est l’accélération technologique qui engendre la folie et le mal être. Son livre Dans la disruption. Comment...

February 15, 2018Science & Tech

The sea is coming for us

Rising sea levels, which menace coastal populations and infrastructure, are one of the most visible threats of climate change. And according to a new report by researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder, not only are the...

February 6, 2018Society

Talk is cheap: the myth of the focus group

In the early 1950s, the Betty Crocker company had a problem: American housewives liked the idea of cake mix, but they weren’t actually buying it. And so the company approached Ernest Dichter, a Viennese psychologist who had pioneered a...

January 8, 2018Society

The City Taking the Commons to Heart

The Belgian city of Ghent plays host to a broad range of projects and initiatives around the commons. But it has yet to adopt a model which really places a commons-focused approach and logic at the core of its institutions and...

January 5, 2018Society

Productivity is dangerous

My personal rule is that if you aren’t quite certain that a certain action will be good for you and the world, you shouldn’t do it. Do nothing, which is likely to be pleasant and unlikely to hurt anyone. Few atrocities have been...

December 4, 2017Society

The death of the internet

When I was very young, before I was on the internet — even before the internet was really a thing you could “go on” — I would dial into BBSs (bulletin board systems). BBSs were kind of like private, micro-internets that people set up...

November 29, 2017Economics

Les recettes du vieux monde en échec

Faciliter les licenciements pour créer des emplois… Reconnaissons au président de la République française Emmanuel Macron et à ses affidés un sens certain de l’oxymore pour oser présenter ainsi les ordonnances décapitant les...

November 11, 2017Society

Democracy should be blockchainified

Right now, we simply don’t live in a true democracy. We elect representatives to vote on our behalf, and we show our displeasure with the status quo after one or two terms with a radical switch to the opposition that sets about...

November 11, 2017Privacy

The nature of the self in the digital age

The nature of the self in the digital age 3 Mar, 2016 This is the original English version of an op-ed I wrote for Zeit Online. It is the first in a new series to take a critical look at technology as part of their 20th-year...

November 11, 2017Privacy

We didn’t lose control – it was stolen

We didn’t lose control – it was stolen 12 Mar, 2017 The Web we have is not broken for Google and Facebook. People farmers are reaping the rewards of their violations into our lives to the tune of tens of billions in revenue every year....

November 11, 2017Society

The History and Evolution of the Commons

Is it possible to historicize the commons, to describe the evolution of the commons over time? This is our first draft and preliminary attempt to do so. To do this we must of course define the commons. We generally agree with the...


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