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Science & Tech
December 4, 2017Society

The death of the internet

When I was very young, before I was on the internet — even before the internet was really a thing you could “go on” — I would dial into BBSs (bulletin board systems). BBSs were kind of like private, micro-internets that people set up...

November 29, 2017Economics

Les recettes du vieux monde en échec

Faciliter les licenciements pour créer des emplois… Reconnaissons au président de la République française Emmanuel Macron et à ses affidés un sens certain de l’oxymore pour oser présenter ainsi les ordonnances décapitant les...

November 11, 2017Society

Democracy should be blockchainified

Right now, we simply don’t live in a true democracy. We elect representatives to vote on our behalf, and we show our displeasure with the status quo after one or two terms with a radical switch to the opposition that sets about...


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